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Students who are looking for good educational opportunities through learning a second language, whether it be Spanish, French, English, German or Japanese, will search online for suitable resources related to the particular language that they would like to study. Learning a second language is always a challenge, which is why it is important to search out the very best in online learning materials to help in the process. There is a wealth of such educational materials available online, with exercises, video and audio clips and other language-learning software available for the aspiring language student.

Below you will find some of the materials that we have come across for learning any language, from Arabic to Zulu!

Learn Spanish in Quito or Cuenca with the best Spanish school in Ecuador. Group courses and individual classes for students of all ages and skill levels with professional Spanish teachers.

Volunteer and Spanish courses in Ecuador with Yanapuma Foundation - Global citizenship and service learning opportunities, study abroad and independent research.


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