Online spanish for Europe

Online Spanish course for European Spanish

For European students who need to study Spanish for academic purposes we offer courses based on the "Common European Framework of Reference" (CEFR). These courses are aligned with the evaluation system designed by the CEFR for all European Languages so that students can be assured that they are covering all the necessary material to be able to take exams at the appropriate level.

Our courses are based on specific textbooks that you can buy either new or used from a local or online seller, and your teacher will lead you through a program in which live classes are balanced with personal study periods. This method provides the optimum and most economical means of learning Spanish to specific levels.

Latin American Spanish and Spanish from Spain compared

Most people from North America, Australia and other non-European countries are more interested in learning Latin American Spanish. The principal differences between Spanish from Spain and fromLatin America are pronunciation and some different vocabulary. A good comparison is between English from the UK and from the US or Canada - the different accent doesn't make an appreciable difference and more than 99% of the words are the same, so there is almost no difficulty in understanding speakers from any of these countries. Even within Latin American countries the accents tend to differ along with some words that are used more in one or other country.

If you are studying for the DELE exam it makes more sense to book your classes with one of our Spanish teachers from Spain, as they will be able to prepare you better for the listening part of the exam as well as with purely Spanish vocabulary.

The first step is to sign up for a free trial Spanish class. There is no obligation on your part to continue studying, but it will offer you the opportunity to experience learning Spanish online. You will be able to discuss your needs with your teacher and decide what your next steps in learning Spanish will be!