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Professional Spanish courses - tailor-made for a variety of professions

Personalized online Spanish courses:

At ¡oYe! Spanish we are constantly developing new materials and curricula, such as our Medical Spanish programs and courses for children. And we are happy to offer personalized courses in any area that may be of personal or professional relevance and interest to you, such as Business Spanish, Spanish for Educators, Spanish for Police, Spanish for Lawyers, etc . . .

The great majority of our teachers have attended university in addition to being qualified as Spanish teachers, and have studied in a wide variety of academic areas. Thus, we are well placed to be able to respond to your particular requirements.

Please contact us to discuss your particular needs for learning Spanish and we will be happy to make suggestions and recommendations.

  • Spanish for Business - economics, sales and marketing, production, management,
  • Spanish for Psychology - counseling, education, youth work, outreach
  • Spanish for Police and the Law - legal Spanish and relevant vocabulary for law enforcers
  • Spanish for Education - pre-school, elementary and high-school, university, special needs
  • Spanish for Tourism - tour guides, travel agencies, international booking, events
  • Spanish for Sport - coaching, training, physiotherapy, etc
online Spanish course for tourism and tourist-related studies

Some facts about the Spanish Language:

Below are some basic facts about the Spanish language that you might find interesting.

  • 330 million native Spanish speakers, slightly more than English native speakers.
  • Spanish is one of the world's most phonetic languages - if you know how a word is pronounced you know how it will be spelled and vice-versa (unlike English!)
  • Spanish and English share much of their vocabulary through "cognates" due to the fact that both languages arose from Latin and were also influenced by Arabic.
  • Spanish originated in the Castile region of what is now Spain in the 13th Century.
  • The Royal Spanish Academy (Real Academica Española) is the body that regulates the Spanish language.
  • Spanish is part of the family of Indo-European languages along with English.