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Professional Medical Spanish - Matt, US:

The course is divided by medical specialty (including internal medicine, pediatrics, etc) and each section has a dialogue between patient and doctor discussing a problem in the respective area, a description of an illness common in the area (including definition, diagnosis, treatment, prognosis), and ends with the tutor and the student talking about other types of illnesses in that specialty. There is also an accompanying workbook that allows self study including medical vocabulary and reinforcement of concepts covered in the main text. 
Beyond the excellent framework of the texts, the best part of this course is the way that it's taught. Initially the instruction emphasized basic grammar and vocabulary, but as we progressed the instructor emphasized utilizing medical vocabulary and gaining comfort with interviewing patients and helping them while speaking Spanish. To me, this was far more important than being able to write perfect Spanish or even speak perfect Spanish. My goal, as a physician, was to be able to talk to my patients, gain a history, perform a physical, and tell them what I thought was going on; my instructor perfectly adapted the course to my needs without abruptly stopping me every time my accent or tense was not perfect (if this is what I wanted, they would have but they understood that understanding was more important to me than perfection). 
I would recommend this course to anyone interested in improving their medical Spanish.

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Conversation Plus! - Paul, US:

I am studying Spanish online both to be able to use it at work (I work in sales) and because I like to learn the language anyway. I have enjoyed the regular contact with my Spanish teacher, and learning about Ecuador from home. I have also been working with some of the free online materials (there is plenty out there), but it is a great help to be able to sit once a week with a live teacher and process all that I have been working on by myself, correct my errors, improve my pronunciation and generally feel like I am improving my Spanish speaking ability. I have no hesitation in recommending this form of learning as the best way to improve, and recommend Yanapuma's online Spanish courses as an economical and professional option. 

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Conversation Plus! - Angie, Canada

 I have taken nearly 20 lessons online. It is probably about 90% as good as being in person, but way better than taking a class with a bunch of other people, because you've got your teacher's undivided attention.  My teacher gives me assignments which I email to him once a week.  Then we spend our time on Skype talking, and we both go over my written assignment, with him correcting my work and explaining the grammar or vocabulary, etc.   Skype is definitely the next best thing to being there in person!

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Conversation Plus! - Graham, UK

I have been thoroughly enjoying my online classes with P. for over 4 months now. I have been studying just to learn the language and to be able to visit family in Spain. I found I could communicate well when I was there. I had worried about studying with a latin american teacher and then trying to understand the accent in Spain, and although it was definitely different, it was not really an issue. Spaniards tend to talk more rapidly and lisp which I was not used to. But they could understand me just fine! These live online classes are wonderful!

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Conversation Plus! - Daley, US

I am so grateful to have stumbled on oYe Spanish. The trial class convinced me to risk taking 10 classes and those have been followed by 20 more! My Spanish is improving rapidly, especially my ability to speak and listen. I had studied 3 semesters of Spanish in college but could not talk at all. Now I am able to communicate with clients who do not speak much English which is an advantage for me in my line of work.

Spanish for Children - Anna, Canada

My 11-year-old daughter was struggling in her Spanish classes at school, and so we set up a trial class for her (we had to bribe her to sit down to try it!), but she immediately clicked with C, her teacher, and over a period of 3 months, with just an hour a week she improved immensely and lost all fear of speaking Spanish. Now she stands out in her class!