About ¡oye! Spanish

¡oYe! Spanish - the Company . . .

¡oYe! Spanish was set up by a small group that includes Spanish teachers, Spanish school administrators and entrepreneurs with many years of experience in their individual fields. Our mission is to provide the very best online Spanish tuition at reasonable prices, taking full advantage of the internet and technology to deliver a unique service to our students.

Realizing our mission depends on several key factors:

While there are many websites offering online language tuition we can proudly say that we are different because we understand that the core of our service is the methodology of language teaching that we have studied exhaustively, and on the basis of which we have developed our methods and trained our teachers to deliver an unparalleled service. In short, delivering online Spanish classes means much more to us than merely connecting a student with a teacher and charging one and paying the other.

Secondly, we take our record-keeping very seriously, with an embedded system of teacher reporting that is designed to create a permanent record of each student's lesson plans and progress through their chosen course. These records are regularly reviewed by our academic coordinators to ensure that teachers are delivering the quality of service that we promise.

Finally, we take our customer service very seriously, striving to deliver a smooth customer experience that will allow each student to focus on their Spanish studies rather than wrestling with the website or wondering if their teacher will remember their upcoming class.

Our focus is on these areas:

Methodology and Methods - Putting into practice the most up-to-date theories of second language acquisition, based on linguistics and psychology.

Teacher Training - Ongoing preparation of our teachers to adopt the most effective techniques, to teach modules in different courses and areas, and to keep detailed student records to gauge progress.

Customer Service - Providing an efficient system for booking courses, ensuring quality of service, and following up regularly on student's progress.

If you have any questions at all about what we do, please contact us!