Spanish exams and tests . . .

Cervantes Institute recommendations for Spanish tuition in line with Spanish from Spain

Cervantes informal Spanish test

The Cervantes Institute of Spain is the foremost authority for the Spanish language, and ¡oYe! Spanish is proud to follow their recommendations for methodology, teaching methods and materials development to assure the very best experience for our students.

In order to guage your Spanish level the Cervantes Institute makes available an informal test that you can take online by clicking here. The test takes about 25-40 minutes.

  • Test results in MCER (European) evaluation system
  • For orientation purposes only
  • You can email us your result so that we can convert it to the ACTFL system for the US.
¡oYe! Spanish tests are informal tests that can evaluate your learning

¡oYe! tests for Spanish credit

Your teacher will make regular notes about your activities and progress during your classes as part of our standard procedure. In combination with a short test created by ¡oYe! Spanish, these can be used by your university or college to award credit for your studies.