1. Can I choose my teacher?

    When you sign up for your free trial class you will be directed to our booking pages where you can choose a teacher based on the course you are interested in and their availability.
    When you have paid for your classes you will be credited for the correct number of classes and can return to the online booking system to set up your schedule. This allows you to select a teacher who is available to teach your course at the time that you select. If you wish to continue with the same teacher you are free to do that, or you can select a new teacher.
    We have noticed that some online Spanish websites make a big deal of letting you choose your own teacher. But at ¡oYe! Spanish we are confident that all our teachers are skilled professionals and we recommend them all without reservation. For that reason we don't put lots of biographical information with their hobbies and interests!
    If for any reason you find that you just don't gel with your teacher you can cancel your classes with that teacher and select another who is available at suitable times. But please drop us an email too to explain so that we can make sure there is a smooth hand-over between the teachers.
  2. Can I change course in the middle?

    Yes! Just email us using the contact form and we can work out what value you still have on your current course and apply this to the new course.
  3. Can I change my schedule?

    Yes! Our online booking system allows you to reschedule your classes. Please be aware that we have policies regarding how far ahead you need to make these changes without incurring any penalty. But we understand that your other committments may change and oblige you to alter your schedule, so with sufficient warning we can easily accommodate your changes. Please see our "Legal" page under "About Us" for precise details.
  4. Can you help me get my computer set up for online classes?

    Of course! We have a short video that you can watch by clicking HERE.
    You will need a computer that either has a built in camera or an external one that you can connect. It is not absolutely essential to have video conferencing but it does help greatly!
    We also recommend a headset with a microphone for the best quality sound reproduction. If you have a laptop with a built in speaker and microphone you can use this, but the sound quality is never as good and the external noises can be distracting.
    To communicate we recommend using Skype. Google Talk is another option and there are other softwares, but of all the VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocols) that we have tested, Skype comes out the clear winner. It also offers the ability to share files and desktops.
  5. How soon can I get started?

    You can sign up for your free trial class right away and take the next available slot that suits you!
    After that, as soon as you have chosen your course and paid you will be credited and you can log in and set up your timetable!
  6. Do I need to speak some Spanish in order to start classes?

    No! Our teachers are used to leading students through their first steps in Spanish. You will progress surprisingly fast and some will be used to conversing basically in Spanish.
    Teachers don't use any English unless it is really necessary. The idea is to immerse yourself from the start in Spanish, and it is not as hard as you might think!
  7. Can I study from anywhere in the world?

    Yes! we usually have teachers who are available at different hours around the clock, making it easy to schedule your classes according to your availability. When you sign up for your free trial class you will be able to see the availability for your timezone.
  8. Why should I choose ¡oYe! Spanish?

    Unlike most other online Spanish courses, ours are based on a solid methodology, with teachers well-prepared to make the best of the incredible opportunity offered by the online learning environment. We have been giving online classes for over 6 years, and have been preparing teachers as well as learning from their experiences, and hearing feedback from students, in order to offer the very highest standards of Spanish education to our students. So we go way beyond merely hooking up a student with a teacher. We have a system in place for reviewing each teacher's lesson plan with their student, and maintain an archive of lesson plans and activities. So if you need a report on what you have learned over any period of time, we can easily email this to you for your institution or organization to qualify your progress. And if you decide to pick up classes at any point in the future, we will have a detailed record of what you have already studied on hand for reference.
    Of course, all of this costs money, and while there may be cheaper online Spanish classes out there, we believe that quality tops quantity. Twenty hours of mediocre classes will cost you much more in the end for what you actually learn than 20 hours of quality, focused instruction.
  9. Can you give me extra work and activities?

    Of course! Your teacher will ask you how much extra work you would like to do. In fact, being prepared to do extra work will be a key factor in your progress. Your teacher will be happy to suggest other online resources or textbooks that you can follow so that you can make the most of your time with the teacher.
    Our teachers are experts at knowing where the gaps are in your Spanish abilities, and will always strive to give you an all-around competency rather than letting you excel in one area and fall short in another. This is something that students are often not able to see for themselves, which is why having your own live teacher is the best way to progress in learning Spanish.
  10. Can I get a refund if I am not happy for any reason with my classes?

    We strive to offer the very best in online Spanish tuition, but it can happen that a student has a grievance, and in that case we are happy to refund the price of any remaining classes. But please discuss it with us as soon as anything happens that you are not happy about, so that we can react positively. Our refund and cancellation policies are published on the legal page of this website as well as on the personal course managament pages of our booking engine. Essentially, we can refund outsanding balance minus a small admin fee.